Proofreading & Editing

We all need a little help sometimes


Your text is ready, it’s been edited for flow, content, and coherence, and you’re almost ready to publish!

But before you pull the trigger, it’s always best to have someone run a fresh set of eyes over what you’ve written to make sure there’s no sneaky extra commas, missing letters, or plain old spelling errors.

Whether you’ve authored a book, prepared a pamphlet, filled your website with copy, or written a professional report, we will find any last-minute typos and help you put your best foot forward.

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You’ve got your ideas, you’ve written them down, but it doesn’t read quite the way you want it to.
An editor can help you focus your narrative and organize your writing in a way that helps tell the story you need to tell.
This service will help you during the writing process to make sure you’re using your precious time efficiently, and writing the way you want to. Proofreading of the final version is, of course, included.

Who may need this?

Business owners, authors, students, bloggers, essayists, and anyone for whom their written word can have a big impact on their business.

Business Owners

Your business relies on trust. Bad copy can erode that trust. We can help you maintain a professional image, with error-free output.


You've been staring at your work so long that you've memorized it. We'll make sure you aren't overlooking anything.


We are proficient in APA and MLA style guides, proper bibliography and footnote annotation, and scientific language.


Your blog is your brand, we can help you keep it on track, on target, and clear. You're busy updating, let us do the final read-through.


Proper essay construction, style and voice are essential. As experienced writers, we can work with you to achieve a polished final version.


Cover letters and CVs are your first impression with a potential employer. You're an excellent candidate, be sure that's true paper as well.