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A lot of our work is ghost writing (boo!)

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I’ve never had much time to keep my own blog updated, but …it’s time.
So here you can check out some writing and thoughts on writing, business culture, general whateverness. Updated sporadically.

Julie Anne

We’ll call her Jeanine, and she’s had a terribly long day. After hours of walking up and down the paved streets …

Julie Anne

A sinister whistle winds its way up the path, echoing off the walls of three small and distinct houses. The occupants, …

Site copy

Brief: fold the luxury world experience of buying, selling, and chartering private superyachts neatly into a website’s copy.

High-end feel for the highest-end products.


Site copy

Brief: Two creative Jamaican cousins wanted help crafting authentic and brand-defining text to help spread the word about (and sell!) their unique resort-wear.

Along with item descriptions and site text, the brand story and personal history needed to mesh seamlessly while showcasing their island-informed ethos.

Site copy

Brief: The challenge here was creating copy with a very individual voice. This business is run by a strong woman dynamo, and it was imperative to get her tone and vocabulary just right — while still nailing the SEO needs of the text.


Natural, engaging, on-message content translation from Spanish to English.

Traducción natural y atractiva del contenido, manteniendo el mensaje del español al inglés.

Content creation

Brief:  Develop and use a distinctive brand voice, combining serious salesmanship with a fun brand image to always speak to their target customer.

Website content, product information, and ongoing blog and marketing communications were all part of the mission, and the text proved integral to customer retention and a significant increase in newsletter subscriptions.



Continuing proofreading of new and informational content for a busy and popular Mallorca-based photographer.

Featured article

Brief: Interview a dedicated husband and wife team tackling the out-sized plastic pollution problem in Mallorca.

From conversation to case study, this important piece was a keystone in their brand building.

As seen in The Islander.

Professional and Personal Profiles: Captain Matteo tells us about his life aboard the world’s most exclusive superyachts.

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