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Absolutely – we allow you to set the length, frequency, and topic of each blog post. Because your market is evolving, your clients’ needs are fluid, and your information needs to be up-to-the-minute and responsive to current search trends and keywords.

That’s fine, give us the general direction and tone that you’re interested in, and we can take over that responsibility for you.

Natch! – we can provide engaging, snappy, and efficient email content, with clear calls to action that won’t pressure or overwhelm your mailing list.

Revisions are free – you’re paying for the finished product, and we’re incentivised to make sure you’re happy.

Of course, you do; that’s how you grew in the first place! We are happy to ghostwrite for you, meaning the content is yours, and we won’t put our name in your by-line.

Great! Whether it’s a company profile, resume, website translation or a pamphlet, we are happy to work with you, even if it’s not a long-term relationship.

Whether you do your own keyword research, or you want us to handle it, we’re happy to help Google find you.

Not a problem, we are happy to have a look for you!

Because every project is unique, it’s really best if we discuss your needs before we get down to brass tacks.

Bear in mind that certain marketing needs like landing pages and email campaigns are different beasts entirely… when we chat we’ll be able to give much more specific answers.

When you get in touch we’ll be more than happy to have a no-obligation chat – any excuse for a coffee break is always welcome here!

In-person classes are only available in Mallorca, Spain, at the moment.
 However, on-line are available worldwide, and we are happy to do either.

Preguntas Frecuentes

¡Claro que sí, nos encantaría poder ayudarte a llegar a más gente! Nuestra lengua materna es el inglés, y por lo tanto damos un toque muy natural a tus textos. Además, nos aseguramos que tu mensaje fluya sin que se pierda ninguna connotación del texto original.

¡Para eso estamos! Tus palabras y tus ideas junto a nuestro talento en el manejo de la gramática y el vocabulario en inglés.

Te lo ponemos fácil: tanto editar como traducir al inglés por tan solo 40€ la hora.

Pueden ser tanto presenciales como online, privadas o en grupo (en caso de que seáis un grupo de amigos que quieran aprender juntos), como tú lo prefieras.

Preparemos la clase más apropiada para cada uno de vosotros. 

Nos enfocamos en: conversación, gramática, y pronunciación.

Depende del grupo y el profesor, pero tienen un precio inicial de 30€ la hora.