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Hi, Julie here.

I’ve been asked before what makes writing effective. How to speak to an audience in a way that makes them feel connected to a brand. It feels tricky, doesn’t it? Brands want their own voice, their unique style, and their image to be consistent on all of their materials. Add to that that each brand has different needs and a different personality.

My one-word answer cuts through the difficulty and blows away the fluff: “authenticity”.

Readers aren’t stupid. They’re your neighbour, your mother, your partner… your friends.

That’s why we always chat extensively with our clients to find out what their voice sounds like, how it reads, and who their target audience is. Whether the business is B2B, B2C, or anywhere in between.

From there, we put ourselves in their shoes, and imagine we have their customers in front of us. We have a conversation with them. And we always, always—NO EXCEPTIONS—ask ourselves if it reads authentically.

If you’re looking for help getting the tone right while still hitting SEO targets and making marketing happy, we’ll get you there.


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We hear you

Your voice, your business, your passion… our help.

You have the ideas, you are taking the risks and you’re building your brand.

Make sure that what you put out into the world under your name is elegant, error-free, and says what you want it to say. Your business is your legacy, and we can help it grow.

In this way, your voice stays true, your clients get a great of idea of who you are and what you stand for, and more prospective clients can find you on search engines.

Variety in work is what drives us – we’ll take on any writing project, from marketing materials, blogs, website content or company profiles to creative writing. Either we can provide you with the writing, or we can proofread and edit what you’ve already poured your heart into.

Whether you’re worried about your SEO content, grammatical syntax, or simply want to spruce up your proven but dated copy, we love to write efficient text that ticks all the boxes, while still being readable. With our extensive experience writing research papers, B2B site copy, B2C blogs and email marketing campaigns, even technical documents, we are happy to branch out in whichever direction you need.

So whether you’re looking for a bit of extra help during a busy period or a long-term communication solution, let us know and we can meet for a no-pressure chat.

Contact us today; we’re always happy to meet for a coffee. With an idea of your voice, brand, and personality, we can start to accurately represent you for you target audience.

Besides, who doesn’t like making new friends?